About Alliance

Alliance Jiu-Jitsu and Braus Fight have signed a product supply agreement that goes into effect immediately, with customized production of Alliance kimonos, rashguards, and merchandise for all of our affiliates around the world. Braus Fight is an Australian company founded by Brazilians, which aims to advance Jiu-Jitsu with numerous community projects and successful partnerships with major brands in our sport.

Seeking to advance in the process of sending sports equipment and supplying the demands of our branches, the agreement with Braus aims to keep our gyms always updated with the news of parts in production, in addition to having a specialized service for each teacher with suggestions for sending products and special sales guidance on the site, with discounts and special conditions for purchases on personalized links and codes for each gym.

We chose Braus Fight to supply our equipment not only for the quality of its products, but also because of the essence of the brand in promoting community projects around the world and the incessant search for improvements in people’s lives through BJJ. May our partnership with Braus Fight be successful and bear fruit for our partners both in terms of agility in supply and quality in the delivery of products. Thanks!

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